What We Do?

We help people find work and support their families by offering the opportunity to work at not one, but several, auto supply plants in Dadeville, Auburn, Opelika and LaGrange, GA. In these uncertain economic times, many people are finding temp work to be a real solution to their own financial worries. Ace Industry steps into the gap between the manufacturer and the job seeker and creates a way to help them both.

Employees of Ace Industry are given assignments at one of several regional auto supply plants (we serve sites in Dadeville, Opelika, Auburn and LaGrange). Throughout the temporary assignment, they remain an employee of Ace Industry, and at its conclusion, they simply notify Ace that they are ready for their next placement. Simple, fair and flexible, working with Ace Industry gives our employees the chance to enjoy unique career opportunities and expand their experience and resume.

For the companies we serve, Ace Industry seeks to provide the most qualified and experienced workforce available, giving them the confidence that comes with knowing that they won’t miss benchmarks or deadlines due to inadequate or inexperienced staff.

For more information, or to apply to work for Ace Industry Co., contact us today!